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i have a budget of $1000.
my computer has 2x500gb Data drives and 2x 250gb system or backup drives
i want to update to ssd and maintain 3 seperate drives.
-windows setup
-Data storage drive 2tb
-fast current project working drive 100-200gb
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  1. That sounds like a plan. Do you have any questions?
  2. I need help with selecting ssd's and i need to make sure that it is not too expensive because i am limited to a budget and i need to build our whole computer!!!
    please help :)
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    Gotcha! With a budget of $1000, I'd be looking at the 120 GB capacity range.,3269-2.html

    According to that, You would be wanting either the Crucial M500 or, if you want to spend a bit more on space and performance, the Intel SSD 530 180 GB :)
    You'll also want to grab a ~1TB HDD for media storage as well as games, movies, music, etc :)
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