Searching for advice on Amd Radeon R9 270x vs. Amd Radeon hd 7870 Ghz Edition

I think i am a bit confused between the R9 270x and the HD 7870, yes i do know the R9 270x is faster and is a more recent card but the thing is on it is also $50 more expensive than the HD 7870. I think what i would like advice on is if the extra $50 is worth it for the performance increase. I also do understand that the R9 270x is just a re-badged HD 7870 with a few tweaks and changes on it. Do you think the minor changes and tweaks are worth $50 more? Any advice is much appreciated.
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  1. 270x is better, its about equal to a 7950.
  2. Ummmm are you sure? I know from my understandings (that i think are correct)

    R7 260x = HD 7790 (Tweaked and re-badged)
    R9 270 = HD 7850 (Tweaked and re-badged)
    R9 270x = HD 7870 (Tweaked and re-badged)
    R9 280x = Same level as HD 7950/7970
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    He is right, a 270x tends to be closer to a 7950 since most come factory overclocked. I would go for the 7870 and try to overclock if you are comfortable with it.
    To give you an idea
    Cheap 7870= Pitcarin GPU running at 1000Mhz
    Cheap 270x= Pitcarin GPU running 1050
    Good 270x= Pitcarin@1150-1200
    Cheap 270 non-x= Pitcarin at something like 950-1000Mhz
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