Can you use a regular wireless phone on a wireless router?


Ive been wondering if its possible to use a regular office style phone on a wireless router. I want to try and setup a little home network for my 3 computers and also make all of my phones connect to my wireless router so i can get rid of the phone cables coming from the walls.

Im not that familiar with this sort of thing, so I am hoping someone can help me get the ball rolling sooner than later.

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  1. u need a sign with your internet provider to get it workt.
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    It can be done, just probably not the way you think.

    Most commercial wireless phone / PBX systems don't actually run over wifi, so a standard office phone (unless specifically a wifi model) won't connect to your router.

    Depending on the scale and level you want to go to, you could:

    - Install a PBX system, this would enable all calls to go via your router and when combined with PBX-AP's would eliminate most of the cabling. Very effective and professional, although costly.

    - Deploy Wi-Fi handsets, a number of brands such a Cisco are offering wireless handsets. Combine these with a VoIP service such as Skype or Vonage and you're on a to winner.

    - If you're purely trying to reduce cabling, you can get office phones to run over Ethernet. In fact BT Openreach usually install Ethernet as opposed to standard telephone cable. You'll need RJ45 to BT line adapters, which you could get from Maplin which means your office phones use your existing LAN cabling. But, as they aren't network phones they wouldn't go through the router. Just eliminates the need for additional cabling if you have spare cat5.

    Hope this helps

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