EVGA GeForce GTX 760 Superclocked VS EVGA GeForce GTX 770 w/ EVGA ACX Cooler STEP UP

Trying to decide if it's worth the $70 ($82 w/shipping) to upgrade from the EVGA GeForce GTX 760 Superclocked to the EVGA GeForce GTX 770 w/ EVGA ACX Cooler through EVGA's Step Up program. Links:

I found one benchmark showing the 770 was 21% faster, but the card they're sending me is the lowest end 770 they make and I'm having second thoughts about whether it's worth the increase in power consumption. My last card was a 570 and I loved it, but it just couldn't perform on the newer games. I've also heard that AMD's 7000 series cards compete well with the GTX 700 cards.

My options are:
Keep my 760
Upgrade to the 770 and keep it
or upgrade to the 770, but turn and sell it, then use the money to get an AMD card.

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  1. The 770 will not net you an equivalent AMD card right now. I would step up to a 770 if you are at 1080p, as that is a good card.
  2. Its not. You own a 760 sc, which is about 9 fps lower than 770 in most video games out right now. If you would like to upgrade, go for the 780/ r9 280x or r9 290. 760 to 770 is about 9 fps. You can overclock it a BIT.
  3. Those are both very different opinions. Anyone else?
  4. the GTX 770 and R9 280X are very similar performing cards. Currently the AMD cards are worth a fortune because of mining. Prices are high, demand is higher, supply is low. GTX 770 for $82 is not worth the upgrade IMO from a 760. I just too much $ to me to justify an upgrade.

    Btw I also have a GTX 570 3x slot. I love that card and play BF4 with it. I just impulse bought an R9 280X and immediately got to work coin mining. I'm hoping to still run the 570 for gaming while I mine.
  5. Hmm. The only reason, basically, that I decided to look into the step up program is because my 760 has an issue where it buzzes under heavy load. ( ). So I was going to have to send it off anyway. The 760 SC was a Christmas present to begin with, but you guys are telling me now that it's not worth the $82 because the 760 sc vs 770 isn't nearly as big a difference as the price suggests. Well that's disappointing. My options now are to cancel the step up, get a refund (I haven't sent it off yet, but as of today I paid for the new card, so I can still cancel), and RMA it... or step up to a 780. The 780 would be the price of another 760 SC.
  6. I would suggest getting a second 760. It is a cheaper alternative, and you are going to get GTX Titan ish performance, which is pretty nice.
  7. ShadowofGhosts said:
    I would suggest getting a second 760. It is a cheaper alternative, and you are going to get GTX Titan ish performance, which is pretty nice.

    If I got another GTX 760, would it have to be another or could it be any of the 760s?
  8. Any 760 would do but it is highly suggested that you get the same one.
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    As long it is a gtx 760, u should be fine, but if you get the same one, it will guarantee an sli and it could potentially perform better as well.
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