Choice between two different GTX 770's?

Which of these GPU's would you prefer? considering they are the same price, i am having trouble picking one. here are the newegg links-

Thanks in advance.

Also, do you think the 8350 will bottleneck these cards?
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  1. The Gigabyte one has higher a core clock speed and (I think) a better cooler. The EVGA one has a higher memory clock speed.
    If it was me I'd go for the Gigabyte.

    I doubt the 8350 would be a problem.
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    The Gigabyte will have slightly better performance straight out of the box, 3 slower spinning fans vrs 2 faster ones (its quieter) and uses upgraded pcb with double copper pathways, reducing heat and other things, making it more durable, evga uses standard pcb components.

    Both are excellent, evga's support/warrantee dept is first rate, but in this case I'd give the edge to Gigabyte.
  3. Thanks for the quick responses! looks like i will be going with the gigabyte
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