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Hello Community, I've recently built my own gaming PC and after finally getting it up and running and after installing windows 8.1 64bit, my motherboard drivers, and my gpu drivers, the computer frequently gets a blue screen of death error and shuts off. The error code is always different, some have been KMODE, ntfs file system, memory management, etc. I really need to figure out the problem with all the money I have invested in this build. Here's the Specs:

NZXT Guardian 921 RB Case
Corsair CX600 PSU
AMD Athlon x4 760k Richland Series 3.8Ghz CPU
Gigabyte Radeon r9 270x 4gb GPU
MSI A75MA-E35 Motherboard
Western Digital caviar blue 1tb
Corsair Vengeance Black 2x4gb Total: 8gb Ram

Thank you for any help you can provide!
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  1. boot from a live cd of linux to see if it goes fine. If not, there is hardware problem. From your insufficient data, it is difficult to figure out where the problem would be and how it can be reproduced, so try the trouble shooting way of minimal hardware installation,boot, add another component, boot, and so on to detect problematic hardware.
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    I had this issue a bit with my build, and my problem was I didn't have everything in my pc completely securely plugged in. Being new to building PCs, I was overly gentle with plugging a lot of the things to the PSU, and the RAM can fit awkwardly at times, so make sure you get it down there and locked into place. Same with the GPU--they can take a little bit more of a push than you'd expect, but make sure you don't push with anything out of place.

    So I'd just say do a quick double check of all your hook-ups and make sure they're plugged in securely and in the right place.
  3. Yes, what Selphious said. I've recently finished my first build too and had problems starting it initially. Opened it up and my 24 pin had fallen out. Also with the CPU cooler, it mustn't have been in fully because it wasn't spinning which caused my crash and most likely subsequent problems
  4. After a lot of troubleshooting the problem turned out to be one stick of RAM. Either its bad or wasn't seated right I still have to determine that. Thank you guys I appreciate the help. My BIOS read both sticks of RAM right off the bat so I never would of expected it to malfunction but since I removed the one its been running perfect.
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