Looking for graphics card and cabinet fans

I want to play all kinds of games in my PC. My present configuration Intel I3 3210, Gigabyte H61m-S1 MB, 1TB HDD, 4GB Ram, 500W SMPS, 1080P E2250SW AOC Monitor.
Which graphics card is best for me? And also like to add extra cabinet fans.
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  1. Modern games are most benefited with Quad-core processor. You have 2-core processor and 4gb ram, which may have trouble in maxing out. A decent GPU for you would be GTX 760 which will run on your 500 watts psu(Just make sure on sticker of your psu on +12v column the value of current is at least 30A or greater). Get Asus GTX 760 DC2OC for cooler and quiet gpu.
    About case fans, get Noctua case fans for better solidity and reliability.
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