Hybrid Physx setup HD 7970 and GTX 650 Ti

Well, um, here we again... I hope I'm not causing any trouble here, and here a question...

Do H81 chipset can do that (Hybrid Physx)? I mean putting HD 7970 and GTX 650 Ti together in that H81 chipset-motherboard, and I mostly appreciate your answer... Of course I am in tight budget... Please reply something...

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  1. I think it is possible, but with old drivers, the newer drivers AFAIK don't allow AMD graphics with NVidia Physx. I don't know how old of drivers you'd have to look for. Personally, I don't think it's worth the trouble to get it set up.
  2. Because I will not only use that GTX 650 Ti as Physx, its also for video rendering (Vegas), I hope it will do that work with HD 7970 in PCIe x16 and GTX 650 Ti in PCIe x1...
  3. You could use the 7970 for video and the 650 for rendering, just install both cards. It's just the physx that would be a pain to get going if even possible with the 7xxx series AMD cards and 6xx Nvidia cards. Last I remember hearing about it was some time around the 3xxx/4xxx ATI cards with 2xx Nvidia cards. That's why I think with the new drivers it's locked. There might be hacked drivers somewhere, but I haven't heard of them.
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    Quick google search pulls up this thread from almost a year ago, it starts out about the hybrid physx and quickly moves on to which card is better AMD/Nvidia. But it basically says the same thing I have.
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