Need to get a GIGAbyte/GV-N770OC-2GD GTX into a cooler master cosmos SE

So my husband is building a computer, and he got a graphic card that is a few smuggles of an inch from fitting into the new case he got. I keep reading where people say it can work but you have the remove HDD racks? But there's no information anywhere on how to do this. He just needs two slots for HDD

Can someone please help. I just want to help him find a solution for both our sake.
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  1. Can you post a picture of the card and case? Both the Cosmos SE and Cosmos II are XL-ATX cases, I can't imagine they would have trouble fitting a three fan GPU.
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    The SE case can only take ATX maximum size and the specs say max VGA Card length 276 mm/10.9" with HDD bracket, 395 mm/15.5" without HDD bracket. The metal plate/plastic trays are modular and come out although I personally had mine done by cyberpowerpc.
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