Disk Utility Windows 7 ?

I was wondering if there is a disk utility windows 7 program I can use to partition my flash drive for use on my Windows 7
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  1. There's a program called Disk Manager (diskmgmt.msc). Just go to the Start button and search for it. Or bring up Control Panel --> Administrative Tools --> Computer Management and then click on Disk Management on the left side. It will show all disks that Windows knows about and allow you to partition and format them.
  2. control panel > admin tools > computer management > disk management
  3. When i start doing as you suggested that go to control panel > admin tools > computer management > disk management. I am not finding anything like this which you have mentioned. I mean its just 1 white box came with some drives written on it.
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    What were you expecting? Your drives are shown in the right-hand window pane of Disk Manager. It shows you what drives you have, what type of drives they are, how big they are, what file system if any are on them, and what partitions they have on them. What more could you ask for?

    If you see the drive you want to partition, then right-mouse click on it and you'll have a list of things you can do to it, such as partition, format, shrink partition, expand partition, change drive letter, delete volume, etc.
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