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my dell n5110 laptop's dvd R/W drive can support cd,but can't support any kind of dvd, what is the problem..........????
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  1. Maybe you don't have software to play the dvd or it's actually only a cdrw and not a dvdrw (just being methodical, nothing personal, some of the brightest people overlook the smallest things):)? Download vlc media player and try again and set that to default player as it has one of the better range of codecs etc.
  2. but i cant access any kind of dvd........!!!!!
    here, my laptop drive can support only cd,, not what i do for access to dvd.....???
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    First, clarify this:
    1. Do you have a cd-r drive or dvd-r drive? (May have a "w" on there but for the moment that's not too important).
    2. Did you try downloading what I asked you to and pop in a dvd to see if that works?
    Once you clarify these two points I think you'll have your question answered very quickly.


    Justin S.
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