4GB RAM,but 932 MB is available by using both win8 and win7

In my hp pavilion g6 notebook,there installed RAM is 4GB,but 932 MB is usable. how can i make my RAM to 4GB? please reply fast.
I have tried the following steps.but no use :??::??:

Hold down the Windows Key and press R,
Type msconfig in the Run box (or Search box) and hit Enter,
In the System Configuration windows, click the Boot tab,
Click the Advanced Options button,
UN-stick the box next to 'Maximum Memory',
Click OK,
Click Apply and then OK to get out,
Restart the notebook for the change to take effect
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  1. You've not mentioned that are you using x64 version of windows or otherwise. Anyhow, pl download MalwareBytes from its site and run it. Most likely this is malware attack on your notebook.
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    So you have Windows 7 and Windows 8 installed to dual boot? Is that what the title of your post means?

    Regardless - please provide the other specs of your laptop, or at least the full model number so we can look those up. And where do you mean "available" - do you mean that's what shows as Free Physical Memory in the task manager? Or that's what shows in the system info box? Provide either a screenshot or detailed description of exactly where this information is showing.
  3. Dear jeganathan,

    Problem solved?
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