Is my pc good enough for gaming.

I would like to know if my pc can run games such as battlefield 4, assasin's creed 4, COD ghost, basically i would like to know if it is adequate for gaming....

core i5 4670 3.6ghz
8gb corsair venegeance pro red ddr3 1600mhz
motherboard ECS Z87H3 A4 (v2)
Graphic card GTX 650Ti boost 1024MB GDDR5 192B dual DVI HDMI DP
corsair CX500M ATX 500W 80 plus Bronze
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    yes its perfectly fine... will handle top draw games at 1080 medium-high settings.
  2. I agree.
    The best experience will come from learning how to TWEAK game settings to achieve the best results. There are two main ways to do this:

    1) Tweak to about 40FPS with VSYNC OFF (con: screen tearing)

    2) Tweak to maintain 60FPS most of the time with VSYNC ON. (con: lower quality visuals with higher frame rate)

    Some game settings are very demanding with minimal quality compared to others. For example, 4xAA might be better than 8xAA. I always start a new game when running FRAPS and tweak things until I get to my target.
  3. thanks for replying HEXIT.... what upgrades do you recommend to run games at high settings?
  4. thanks photonboy...i 'll take your advice into consideration..
  5. just a bigger gpu and maybe a bigger psu as higher end cards require a little more power than your psu can deliver.. but remember the higher you go the less return you will get for your money...
    like i said its perfectly fine for most games. crysis 3 first level being the exception as it murders every card currently available even the 780ti and titan when its maxed out. but for most games like skyrim, cod and so on you should have no problem running near max with your current setup. also dont forget the 650ti has a fair bit of overclocking room.

    i would add that at 1080p on a 24inch or under screen you dont need more than x4 on the anti aliasing. you just wont see any difference at all other than a frame rate drop... to be honest theres no need for 8x on todays screens as the dot pitch of the screens is so small.
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