Can you run games under the required CPU speed? Will turbo boost help?

Im planning to buy a laptop with core i5 4200u at 1.6 ghz max at 2.6 ghz with turbo boost. I know that the gpu will still determine the quality but in terms of the CPU, is it ok?

Lets say game requires 2.2 ghz processor, can i run it with no problem? Or since its base speed is 1.6 there would be a problem?
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  1. Not all CPU's at the same frequency are equal. A modern i5 at 2.2GHz might be as fast as an older CPU at 4GHz.

    The Turbo is probably for ONE of those cores, so one might be at 1.6GHz and the other at 2.6GHz under load.

    Long story short, provided you get a half decent GPU that CPU should be very adequate.
  2. Hmm. Thanks. Can you consider 2GB nvidia geforce gt 740m a half decent?
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    The nVidia GT 740m is decent enough to play most current games at medium quality @ 1366x768 resolution. When both cores are used I think Turbo Boost maxes out at 2.3GHz for the i5-4200u.
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