BSOD & Random program/game crashes, at my wits end.

Hi guys,
I've been having crazy issues with my PC for what seems like forever so I figured you guys might be able to help me figure what's causing it out and it's driving me crazy now.
I'm getting random blue screens - "MEMORY_MANAGEMENT", "SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION", "PFN_LIST_CORRUPT", "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL". Programs and games randomly crash usually with no error messages, chrome tabs frequently become unresponsive.
I've run memtest on my ram it returned no errors, none of the stop codes or suggestions from WhoCrashed don't seem to bring up any relevant information from google.
I did notice that the ram appears to be running at 1.5v and 1333mhz as default and I've tried changing it in my bios to be 1.65v and 1600mhz (which I believe the ram is supposed to run at and it didn't change anything.)

Attempted to run a Prime95 test and almost immediately was presented with this error:
These are the crash logs from WhoCrashed since I formatted my PC on monday:,

Not sure if this these are useful or not:
HWMonitor screenshot:
CPU-ID screenshots ,,

My current setup is:
MSI Z77A-G41 Motherboard
Intel i5-2500k CPU
2x4GB Corsair XMS3 (cmx6gx3m3a1600c9) Ram
Gigabyte Nvidia 660ti

I was hoping that someone would have some insight into what could be wrong here or think of something I've not tried already.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. According to - - the 0x3b error, which is the common denominator in all of the blue screen info you posted, could be caused by a graphics driver, antivirus software, and memory. There could be more but that gives you a place to start. You could start with the graphics card driver and go from there. Update to the latest version. If you have already done that then try an older version to see if that helps. If it is the RAM then you could try testing each stick individually to see if one or the other is the problem.
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