Best 30-60$ headphones with microphone

Basically as the title says for better sound audio output and input as well as a good microphone.
Can not exceed the budget but if it is really worth it might consider it.
Oh and I've got a big head so it must be extendable otherwise I won't be able to fit it xD.
Like currently I'm using some cheap 18$ cheap logitech headphone and I have to expand it fully to use it otherwise it won't reach my ears.
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  1. Well, really this depends on what you're looking for. If you just want a basic headset for gaming, the Logitech you're using can usually fit that bill. I used something like this for nearly ten years and had no complaints about it. If you just want decent audio and a mic, you really don't need to spend much more.

    If you want a little more isolation, like over-the-ear cups, with a little more audio punch, I'd say any of the usual suspects have a decent budget headset available ( Logitech, Razer, Turtle Beach. ) Right now I'm using the Turtle Beach PX22 and I really like it. I specifically got this model because it will work with a PC, XBox, and PS3. Chat is done over USB, audio is handled over 3.5 mm ( though on a PC, you can get audio over USB too. ) They tend to run $60 - $80 depending on deals.
  2. Yes I'm looking for over-the-ear cups,I'm looking for one with better microphone better audio output as the currently the one I have is pretty bad as my voice sounds really really weird and the audio isn't that great.I'm looking for headphones with extendable reach too and the turtle beach px22 is out of my budget whereas razer is out of my budget too and in logitech there are just so many options I have no clue which one is the better one.
  3. You can find the Turtle Beach Z22 and X12 around $60 on Newegg, Amazon, Best Buy, and other places. They're basically the same headset as the PX22 as far as a PC is concerned. Either will serve well for game audio on a budget. I like these models better than Logitech's G230 or G430 because the TB inline amp has independent controls for game volume, voice chat, and voice monitor. The headphones themselves have a four-pole connector so you can use it as a wired headset for a phone too ( which I've done on occasion. )
  4. Sorry, meant "Z22" on that last post, not P22. Fixed it.

    Amangoel23 said:

    Yes it can. That's got a USB, audio, and mic line on it.

    If you want to spend $20 more for the Z22 you'll get a more robust inline amp. The X12 has game volume, chat volume, and bass boost dials. The Z22 has that and mic monitor volume ( newer X12 versions do have this too, but I don't know what kind Amazon has, ) mic switch ( off, phone call, low, and high gain, ) and independent treble and bass dials. The Z22 headset can also be detached from the amp to be used as a normal mobile headset as well whereas the X12's amp is hardwired.

    Still an X12 for $40 is a nice price.
  5. I'm just looking for a headphone that can provide surround sound for fps games,a good quality microphone for better communication(I'm in a game clan so communication is important for me).I don't really use mobiles/laptops and I'm more of a desktop pc guy so my headphone doesn't need to have the mobility.My question is,is that headphone truly worth the 40$+10$ to ship to my country(India).And do you have any knowledge regarding if the headphones are broken during transport to india? How will they compensate/repair.But I'll be happy with you just answering my first question,and about the 2nd question I can contact amazon's support regarding about it but if you have any knowledge with it,it would be great
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    Normally if something is damaged in transit, the distribution company ( in this case Amazon, ) replaces it, usually for free.

    As for quality, as I said I have the PX22, which are very similar to the X12. I have no complaints about audio quality and I've never received complaints about the quality of my voice over chat before. For $40 I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better headset than the X12.

    However, these are NOT surround sound headphones. Let me explain ( and if you already know this, please forgive me. ) You either need multiple speaker drivers inside the headset or some way to simulate surround sound through two speakers. The X12 features neither. It is possible some games might synthesize a two-channel audio mix that simulates a surround sound, but if the game is doing that, it means you'll get virtual surround with any headphones. So while the X12 has good audio quality, you're still just getting stereo sound, not surround.

    If you want surround, you need some kind of dedicated digital sound processor ( DSP ) that takes a multi-channel audio signal and mixes a virtual sound over two channels. Some USB-only gaming headsets have a DSP that bypasses your motherboard's sound card and mixes a virtual surround soundstage. You can also get standalone DSP's that plug in between your mboard and your headset. But again, these need a multi-channel audio source to work.

    Bottom line, if surround sound is important to you, you'll need to spend closer to $100 to get it.
  7. Thanks for the answer,and yeah the game I play have virtual surround soundish as even with my crappy headphones I can get the feeling of surround sound,Thanks for your answer :) I'll proceed with the turtle beach x12 for 40$(+10$) to my country.
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