Intel i7-2630QM Idle temps too hot?

Hello everyone,

My laptop is running slow and my cpu temperatures very high.It has an i7-2630qm processor. When I do completely nothing (I only watch the temperature) it has an idle temp of 55-58 C. When I only use the browser (with lots of tabs and video), temps can get as hot as 80C. Is this normal?
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  1. well I would suggest cheking the processor fan............if there something stuck in this can happen which slows down the cooling ass well as the speed
    see to that and reply
    I had the same prblm..
  2. no. too hot, take it to a repair shop and they'll change the thermal paste/clean out the fans
  3. Okay, I will probably open it myself later tonight or tommorow and change the thermal paste. I think I have this thermal paste : . This should do the trick right? I have experience in repearing xbox 360's, laptop should be the same thing I guess? Any tips on this?
  4. Replaced thermal paste, temps are still around 50 to 60c when the only thing I do is browsing (with two screens connected, laptop and pc-screen).
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