I changed my Compaq Presario LCD cable with new one, now i show 4 screens when it boots up. Everything else is working properl

Installed new LCD cable to monitor on Compaq Presario Laptop. Now I get 4 small identicle screens upon boot up. Everything works, but screen is diided into 4 screens with the same thing on all, homepage and icons. If I click on icons they all work , except it is hard to read since there are 4 miniature duplicate screens. Why would new LCD cable installation cause this?
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  1. Does the old cable work at all if it does try putting it back in and see if the problem persists. OR just try unplugging and replugging the new cable
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    This is the operating system and video card's drivers reacting to a hardware change. Reinstall the graphics driver. If this does not fix the problem, the cable is defective.
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