Watercooling Setup - Am I missing anything?

So I'm just starting out with watercooling and this will be my first setup. I've seen the all-in-one kits, but I would much rather go with something of my own design/construction so I can understand how everything works. Maybe it's not the best idea for a novice, but I'm careful in my work and I do my research and, when I'm in doubt (like now), I ask the people that know how to do it. I guess that's why I'm here!

So here's my proposed setup. Maybe it's completely wrong and nothing will work together, so if anyone could please let me know if something isn't compatible or I need/don't need something extra. Note that, for now, I am only looking at cooling my CPU. I MIGHT expand on that to include my GPU depending on how this goes, so I would like to keep that decision in mind with these parts.

I'm kind of adamant about this reservoir. The one thing I don't understand is what the Inverter is for. Does it power the lights? How would I set that up? I can't find anything online about it.

This seems to come with the same 1/4" fittings, so it should be compatible with the reservoir, right?

I would buy 2 standard 120mm Case fans to use with this, correct? This should mount nicely to the top of my case (Antec Lanboy Air).


I was really looking for red tubing, but it proved hard to find colored 1/4" ID tubing (I'm reasonably sure that's what I need?).

My specs:
AMD FX8350 processor
Nvidia GeForce GTX 780
Asus M5A97 AM3+ Motherboard
Antec Lanboy Air computer case

So if anything I listed is blatantly WRONG or incompatible, please help me out. Would I need any adapters/fittings/screws/etc that aren't listed here?
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    Personally I would go with one of the XSPC kits. They have everything you need minus the coolant and are very good. For one you have no worries about incompatible parts and such. The new kits like the one I have in my rigs, XSPC 750 EX360, have had some very good reviews and work quite well with no problems.

    As for the first question yes the inverter would be to power the CCT.

    I would check out the XSPC kits at .
  2. Thanks! I've actually seen those kits and was interested, but I kind of prefer to build my own setup if possible. I like to know why/how everything works together rather than buying a set.
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