Most reliable bang for buck AMD board?

I've decided to buy a new board and memory for my system and use my phenom II I already have.

My issue is every time I look I find another board I like and should get instead.

I bought a board off eBay this morning but it's N older model gigabyte ga-78lmt-s2p

Ancient for most here but I don't need to game I just want the system to run as fast as it can and everything work and be reliable.

Trying not to have to change power supply just yet. I already have to get ddr3 memory .

Been looking around all morning and it appears I maybe should have bought a 970/990 chipped board.

Budget is minimal. All I do is surf and watch video on it.
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  1. What is the price range you are looking at for the motherboard?
  2. If all you do is surf and watch video then it doesn't matter what board you get provided it's compatible with the other hardware.

    I'm not sure why you even bought the new board.

    If you want things to feel "snappier" then an SSD would make a big difference. The DDR3 will matter but mainly the AMOUNT of it; if you had 2GB or less then more will matter to a point.

    I can comfortably browse and watch videos on my dad's 6-year-old laptop which has 2GB of System memory.

    If your version of Windows is 32-bit it can only support up to 4GB of total memory addresses (which includes Video and System). So if you had a 1GB card, then your System can only access up to about 2.8GB even if you have more installed.
  3. I bought a new board cause I don't feel the current board in this prebuilt box is performing very well for a 4 core system with 8 gigs mem running w7 64 bit pro. 10k rpm velociraptor and ati graphics card model I can't recall.

    It's no game rig but it seems slow to me.
    Figured I could change board and ram and get another year out of it.

    Or just get rid of it and do a new build with a barebones kit

    The motherboard in it now is known to crap out and it's a miracle it's still working now . I don't want to wait for it to die leaving me stranded
  4. Budget for card is $100 max or else I will just buy used or a barebones kit and part out this other machine or sell it local
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