Is GTX 760 Good Card like previous i.e ?

i want to know that is gtx 760 will last long to at least 2017 as example of gtx 460 it is released in 2008 and can run newest games on high so my excepetation is not much from gtx 760 only 4 years and gtx 460 is still good so like gtx 460 will gtx 760 last long to 2017 i also a pure gaming system
i5 4670k
8 gb ram
1 tb 7200 rpm seagate
so will my pc work for upcoming games
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    i would say so but it really depends on how the gaming industry goes as the level of detail and performance required to run their games has increased quite a bit over the last few years. the 760 is a great card and should run most games on a mixture of high and ultra, after a few years you can just turn off a few things such as anti aliasing, or just get another 760 and throw them in SLI
  2. Problem is with that is that games are being developed much much faster and requirements are being pushed to the limits. The gtx 760 can barely max out crysis 3, which was in 2013. I would go for the gtx 770, but the gtx 760 could still play games on med-high settings for years to come. But maybe not until 2017.
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