I Currently have a core i7 870 with a bad motherboard. I can't find a replacement motherboard anywhere since that socket is no

I have no quarrels with the processor, it's done great running whatever game and most all of my intense audio sessions. My question is, does anyone know where I could get a good replacement motherboard? Or, what would be a semi budget friendly comparable or better cpu and mobo replacement?
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  1. amazon
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    Instead of Amazon, I recommend eBay. I have gotten really good deals there including a socket 1155 (2nd/3rd gen i3/i5/i7 compatible motherboard) for $50. I did not find one quite as good a deal but I did find this one - New OEM HP Indio-UL8E Socket LGA1156 Intel i5/i7 Desktop Motherboard for only $65 and free shipping! If you liked the performance of the CPU you have, I would get a replacement motherboard like this one.

    If you want to upgrade the CPU though, then you might look into a newer gen cpu. Between the motherboard and CPU it cost me about $240 for an i5-3470 and motherboard.
  3. I was just wondering if there had been a solution to this question. Did you solve the problem and get a new motherboard?
  4. I did end up getting a new mother board and cpu. Went with the AMD 8350 and an ASUS motherboard. Worked out well so far! Thanks for all the info!
  5. I am pleased it is working out for you.
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