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Hi guys I hope you can answer my question.

My friend is a babysitter, she recently got a new laptop and takes it with her to use when the kid is asleep. She tried to connect to the wifi in the clients house but gets a limited status. I suggested hardwiring the laptop which she did (into the router). The problem is she still can't browse the web. She had problems with her old laptop too so it can't be the machine and strangely her phone connects up fine? After diagnosis i have the following information:
No static ip is set
She can ping the router and receives a valid ip.
She can ping
She can't ping (dns issue? I have flushed the DNS)
I set a static dns of but she still can't browse the web.
I don't have access to the router (as it's her client's) but any ideas of what a potential problem are would be great!
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  1. It could be that the owners need to add her MAC address to the allowed devices list so that she can access the 'Net.
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    They client could be locking down the router preventing her from using it. I know of several people who have done this, due to the "surfing" that the baby sitter was using (not accusing your friend - just saying it happens). Personally, I block all unknown MAC addresses from utilizing my router - whether wired or wireless....If I don't add the MAC address into the white list, you will not connect.
  3. I spose she could just ask, doubt they'd tell her. Would you a MAC address block appear on the surface as DNS issues?
  4. Yes
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