Monitors on second graphics card not detected after windows 7 re-install


Since re-installing windows a couple of days ago the two monitors on the secondary graphics card are no-longer detected (even using the rigorous display detection button under the NVIDIA control panel).

I have a GTX480 as my main graphics card which has a pair of monitors connected and a GT610 as my secondary graphics card which also has a pair of monitors connected. All 4 connections are DVI to DVI.

I'm stumped!
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  1. Stupid question, does windows detect your secondary gpu? Have you installed the drivers for that card? Try removing your primary card and check if you are getting display on the secondary card.
  2. I had a go at removing my primary card this morning and the secondary card is definitely working.

    Still not detecting the secondary card's monitors after putting it back together though.


    So I took the cable connecting my primary monitor and graphics card, and used that to connect between my 3rd screen and the secondary graphics card and that worked. I guess two of my cables have simultaneously failed, and I happened to choose those two out of the 6 or so cables I own to connect with my secondary card by chance? Although that seems rather improbable

    <edit 2>

    Using another DVI cable, I now have 3 monitors working, two on the primary graphics card and one on the primary output of my secondary graphics card.

    I still can't get my 4th monitor detected. It seems the secondary output on the secondary card is not working, I can't get this to work on any monitor with any cable. Is this possibly a software thing caused by re-installing windows 7? This all worked before my windows reinstalled.
  3. It could be the port could have been damaged by the damaged cable(shorting within the cable) but this could be a longshot. Have you tried this card on another PC?
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