Upgrading a Computer for Elder Scrolls Online

Hi there, I plan to upgrade my current computer for the release of Elder Scrolls Online in April. Here are my computer specs:

The computer is a Dell Vostro 200
Motherboard Model: G33M02
300GB SATA Hard drive
Intel Dual Core CPU 4300 @1.80GHz, 1.80GHz
Vista 32 bit OS Business
Nvidia Geforce 8600 GT graphics card 526MB DDR2, PCI Express
400 Watt PSU

I have a replacement CPU lying around somewhere, a Wolfdale Core 2 Duo, E8500, 3.16GHz. The only thing I feel I really need to upgrade still is the graphics card. So the advice I need is what type of powerfulish graphics card can I get that will work with this system?

Any suggestions? I'm only expecting it to be able to run of medium settings, if that.
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  1. I'd say this system will struggle to run the game but in terms of a gpu to match it? A HD 7750 or R7 250 would be my recommendation, though the GPU will be bottlenecked a bit i believe.
  2. Cheers for the fast reply, I'm still willing to give it a go. With the graphics cards you recommended will they run on a motherboard that has a DDR2 graphics card?
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    It has one PCI-E x16 slot, you can use modern GPUs no trouble.

    Look at HD 7750 or the newer R7 250 as I posted above, better GPU's will require a brand new modern power supply.
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