Fractal Design R4

I am thinking about getting the Fractal Design R4 but I want to know how good of a case it is overall. Also, how good is the air flow in the case?
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  1. It's a great case. Just do a Google search for reviews of the case. In fact, there is a good review of it right here on this site.,3356.html
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    I have that case and I have no regrets.
    Super quiet, good airflow, lots of space for cable management, can fit my gtx780 with room to spare.
    Downsides are that there is no hard drive activity led, and it is pretty heavy if you are thinking about moving it around a lot.
  3. That is an AWESOME case. You either can have silence, air flow, or a combination of both. There are lots of fan mounts, and lots of noise dampening foam.
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