Which 780 ti is the best right now?

There are so many different versions out I've lost track of them all. Obviously, some are better than others. Is there a best one? Or one that should perform the best? Favourite brands aside, which should perform the best? Thx
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  1. There is a Palit JetStream version of the GTX 780 Ti which is an absolute beast. But just imagine a GTX 780 Ti DirectCU II, that would be epic. And then, there are the most common brands, EVGA and ASUS.
  2. If it were my money being thrown into the best card I could find it would be the Galaxy 780ti HOF
  3. If you want the actuall best 780 ti you need the EVGA 780 ti kingpin edition. Its factory overclock is higher than any other 780 ti in existance and has a better VRM with more power phases to overclock better than the rest aswell. Its just hard to find any in stock becuase of how wanted they are in the overclocking community being as Kingpin is a world record breaking gpu overclocker that personally designed this 780 ti line.
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    The MSI version:
    It's the cheapest out there with a custom cooler and I don't know why, because it's one of the best out there.
  5. The kingpin cards are build to order. They wont ever make it to shelves or anything anywhere as you have to order one then from what I understand its kinda made after the order. The 780tj classified is another top end 780ti card and is overclocked high and overclocks way passed the stock overclock.
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