case psu intake vent too small?

I have an lsp 750 watt power supply
my problem is the vent isnt big as the fan on the psu and its very loud
I turn the psu upside down in the case and it runs quiter so I assume its not getting as hot
My question is ok to have it upside drawing air from inside the case and also is it ok to leave it normal side is it ok that the vent isnt quite as big as the fan?
here are links to the case and the psu
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    If it is getting loud that means it is struggling for air which is far worse for it than drawing slightly warmer air from inside the case. There are a large number of cases with bottom mounted PSUs that do not have a vent at the bottom, in those cases you just mount the PSU so that the fan is pointed towards the motherboard, the PSU gets plenty of airflow and if its a good unit it doesn't really care if it is 40C instead of 25C
  2. You might want to consider replacing the psu since it's a terrible unit in the first place.(TIER 5)
    Refurbished makes it even scarier!
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