Windows 7 running slow after fresh instal.

I recently upgraded my CPU and motherboard and did a fresh instal of windows 7. But even after all the drivers form the disk were installed, windows won't stop displaying itself in basic mode. It looks awful and it's slow as hell, I'm installing updated drivers for the motherboard as I type this, but what worries me is how slow it is, when I first built this computer with weaker parts it was speedy at this time. When windows reinstalled it renamed the old windows on my hard drive windows.old could my old files be causing interference with the current running windows? Thanks for the help.
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  1. The fact that you have a folder called windows.old means you didn't do a fresh install. To me a fresh install means you wiped the drive and installed W7 on a blank hard drive.

    I suggest redoing the W7 install and choose to reformat the drive before the install starts.
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    If you do that ^, make sure you have all your files and settings backed up. Good idea to format the drive clean for a new setup.
    You will need to have all your drivers updated before you start worrying about slowness.
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