Gtx 770/780 Reference vs ACX vs Asus DCU2 in Bitfenix Prodigy


I have the following build: Right now I'm trying to decide what style video card to go with. It will be either a 770 or 780. I don't need help deciding between the two cards, but rather their cooling designs. I have the black Bitfenix Prodigy with the mesh front and the vented side panel w/ dust filter on the side. I have a 230mm Bitfenix Spectre fan on the front for intake, a Swiftech H220 on top as intake, and a 140mm PWM Cougar Vortex on the back as exhaust.

I will be overclocking the card as well if that has an impact on the decision.

So my question is would I be better off with a design like:

Or a design like this:

Just don't want to smother the video card and other components or get a reference design when it's not necessary.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. Blower style fans (single fan ones), these will output heat out the back of the case instead of inside.
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    I have the prodigy with a 760 HAWK from MSI. The Prodigy has plenty of airflow for aftermarket coolers, and mine stays very cool. Never ramps up the fan even at full load. I have the vented side though, not the window.
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