Thinking about a budget build

I have decided to ditch the microatx and try this build the only thing is the amd card are either sold out or skyrocketing so advice for cards welcome and this is a budget build so trying to stay in range.
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    I have multiple suggestions:

    1. Switch to a CM Hyper 212 EVO unless you are overclocking it by a lot.
    2. Use 2x4Gb of DDR3-1866MHz CAS 9 for much better performance (Dual-channel RAM is much faster than a single stick)
    3. Use a GTX 760/660Ti instead. Cheaper and better performing/temperature.
    4. Get a Corsair TX 650V2. When power supplies fail (low quality PSU's are highly likely to), they will break other components. So don't skimp.
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