Please pick apart my build. Good for a gaming rig?

OK, here are the specs. I am a brand new builder, but the following is what I have come up with for my budget, let me know how I did, if I'm an idiot or if you have any money saving suggestions or performance enhancing suggestions.......

CPU - AMD FX6300 6 core Vishar @ 3.50


RAM - 8GB 4GBx2 @1600 Kingston HyperX

OS - Windows 8.1

GPU - Radeon HD 7790 1GB

PSU - DiabloTek 600W

HDD - 500 GB @7200rpm

DVD- 24x DVD/RW Asus

So, this is updated from an earlier build I had, and now all parts are ordered. Are there any glaring mistakes? Anything I should return and replace with something compDissect my purchase, I want to make the smartest and thriftiest decision.........Thanks from Fort Bliss!!!!!
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  1. The motherboard is questionable . Use a mb with a 970 series chipset [ but not the MSI G43 or 45 which catch fire under load ]

    check the RAM is rated for 1.5 volts or less

    The power supply will make an excellent door stop , but its not suitable for use in a computer . Use only 80+ bronze or better rated units . You could run that with a Corsair CX 430 . Right now they are $19.99
  2. OK, just ordered it from newegg for 19.99, will actually be saving 13 dollars over the diablotek when I return it!!!! So, any more suggestions???? Keep em coming!!!
  3. Any additional help? Does the build look fairly powerful? Im thinking about just dropping in another 8gb of Ram.............
  4. more ram wont increase performance. its just memory. Graphics processor mobo are the performance parts. even your hdd will have a limited impact on games performance.
  5. Lol, windows 8 in a gaming build...
  6. I've read that all of my components should operate more smoothly on 8 as compared even with 7 pro. That has been the consensus that Ive been reading on the forums. I know that getting used to it is a handicap, but I plan on installing start8 so I can have my start menu, and it shouldn't be that bad. On a different note, I'm stickin with just 8gb of RAM for now, maybe in 2 years when I upgrade the GPU Ill drop in another 8. Looking at maybe getting a small SSD for performance, anyone know a decent one at a decent price? Preferably under 80 bones???
  7. Fitzitz said:
    Lol, windows 8 in a gaming build...

    LOL someone who doesnt know the advantages of Win 8 or how to set it up for gaming
  8. Best answer
    I still think you should be using a better motherboard . The model you have listed will be a limitation . The controller chips on it are 2 generations old .

    Use this instead . Its the latest chipset , and the only limitation is you cant SLI or crossfire and you cant do that on the board you have listed already either

    and definitely use Win8 .
    You can uninstall the annoying apps and install a start button program . Im using Classicshell . Its free
  9. Just ordered the mobo. Hopefully with this setup, ill be future proof for a couple years.......

    Anything else I should know before I build this puppy?
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