What would be a good video card upgrade, for gaming purposes.

What would be a good upgrade(gaming purpose) for a Gefore GTX 550 Ti at a reasonable price, because my card is running too hot at approximately 69 degrees celsius.
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  2. What is your budget?

    You can check the R9 270, R9 280 or GTX 760/770 depending on your budget.
  3. First, what types of games do you intend to play with your new graphics card? There will be a pretty big difference in the price and model depending on if you play games such as modded Skyrim or ac4 on max settings and/or multiple screens vs. playing Minecraft with your friends, older games, etc. Since you are complaining about heat, I would recomend one of ASUS's direct CU2 cards, as I hear that they are pretty good at staying cool. I personally have the msi gtx 770 w/ a twin frozr cooler and 2 gbs of ram, and that works very well(60 fps on almost any game that I play on my 1920x1080 monitor) and almost never gets loud or overheats, unless overclocked. I would say that is probably the next graphics card that you should get IF you want it to stay cool, not get super loud, and play most games at high-ultra on a single 1080p monitor at around 60 fps.
  4. I'd like to play games like Far cry 3, or titan fall coming out, or tom clancy's divison, just any of the new gen games coming out, but i my budget is 100-300 dollars, but my computer can only handle a 460 watt card
  5. Gtx 760 should work, although that will push your psu to the max
  6. complainig that you're getting 69c. Isn't that good in terms of running under load? especially for a low efficient card like that. I'd suggest a R9 270 maybe the X version. You don't want to be pushing your PSU to its limits and thats what the 760 will be doing.
  7. I'm pretty sure that the card that you are looking for is the gtx 760. It will cost you $270 at newegg, but I am sure that there are deals going on elsewhere. It will stay cool, run all of your games on high in 1080p(It probably does better than that, but I'm not sure and I don't want to go around putting false ideas in your head), and isn't as loud as some of the radeons. I'm pretty sure that your rig can handle the power consumption part as the gtx 760 only uses around 170 watts, but needs a good 500 watt power supply just in case.

    edit: don't even consider andy Radeon cards right now because of the major price increases that came wiht the popularity of litecoin mining.
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