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I have a new win 7 pro 64-bit laptop with office 2013 installed. I've been installing lots of software and doing some customization. On Chrome Gmail downloads I first noticed that the save-as "new folder" button in the command bar seemed not to generate a folder. It was actually being generated, but I had to navigate back then forward to the host folder to see it . Renaming the new folder appeared not to take, but if I navigated to another folder then back the new folder was renamed. I uninstalled Chrome and re installed and it fixed. The identical problem is happening with all Office 2013 software. I uninstalled, re-installed, but it persists.
Ran SFC/scannow and it found nothing.
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    It's just a display refresh thing, I've seen it before in other programs, even Windows itself when you delete a file but it still shows in the display. When you try to click on it, it tells you it does not exist.

    Hit F5 in the window, should refresh. Also make sure you have the Windows Updates run to get any service packs out there.
  2. Thanks ht9 for the reply. It seems to be fixed. Two weeks ago I made a command bar customization to remove "Burn" per this link:
    Step 6, was to delete the ConicalName data. Fear of messing up the registry, I copied and saved the data value. When I pasted it back and rebooted, the issue went away. "Burn" is still gone. Should have used the Group Policy Editor method, but could not find it at the time.
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