Iomega prestige 1TB usb drive - have to format to use- error windows 7

I have a Iomega Prestige USB external hard drive that I have used for 3 years hooked to a Linksys router as a network drive. I had some trouble with Laptop running Updated Windows 7. I hooked the drive to the Laptop and did a backup. After that if I plug it into either one of my Windows 7 computers I get the message "Drive must be formatted to be used". If I plug it into my XP machine it works great. What happened?
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  1. on windows 7, just search in start "format" then there should be something called "create or partition....." Then your drive will be there. Right click and press format. It'll work then, if that doesn't work, just look through the properties and you'll come across a way there.
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