New homebuilt PC won't turn on

I'll start with the specs:

M/B: Asus Z87-Plus
CPU: Intel i5-4670K
GPU: Gigabyte Radeon R9 270X 2048 MB GDDR5
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8 GB (2 x 4GB)
SSD: Samsung 840 EVO 250GB
HDD: Seagate SATA 2 TB 64 MB Cache (Not connected yet.)
PSU: Corsair CX600
Driver: LG Blu-ray Re-writer
Case: NZXT Phanton 410 Tower

I put everything together last night and I rechecked all the connections tonight. I'm fairly certain I have everything connected where it's supposed to be. Now I can't turn it on even though it's getting power. The power button on the motherboard lights up but it's lighting up red but I'm not sure if that just means it's on or if I need to press it? I've actually tried pressing it quick and even holding it down for a few seconds but nothing happens.

Also, the fan in the PSU twitches when I press the "ON" switch on the case but that's it. And it only does it once after I've switched the power switch off and back on again. After that it doesn't do it again but the power to the motherboard is still there.

I'm not really sure what else to do and I've been perusing the forums and Google for more than an hour and haven't found anything.
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  1. The red light seems to indicate a problem with the CPU (took me 3 seconds on google, you couldn't have searched too hard)

    Possibility is you bent a pin on the motherboard sliding the CPU around. It's 99.9999999% rare that a CPU is DOA. In 25+ years of PC work, I've never seen a dead CPU. I'm seen lots of bent pins on the CPU or motherboard though (and did it myself a few times)

    You could try removing 1 stick of RAM, make sure the 8-pin CPU power connector is in as well as the 24pin, etc, etc, but I have a feeling you may have bent the CPU pins on the motherboard.
  2. I actually didn't think to look for anything about a red LED light on the motherboard until about 10 minutes ago maybe so yeah I missed something to look for but I'm learning.

    Anyways....I think I actually found what might be the problem. There's an internal silver casing missing in one of the holes on the 24-pin. I just noticed it when I pulled it out to look at the pins on the motherboard. There are no bent pins on my motherboard. I've checked and rechecked and checked again.
  3. Nevermind... I don't think that was it.. There just wasn't a wire going that particular pin.

    There is a male 4-pin CPU OPT next to the CPU FAN one. Should I try putting the female 4-pin there instead?
  4. thats only for a fan, it won't affect the booting up.

    you said you checks pins, did you check the actual cpu socket itself by removing the cpu and inspecting for a bent pin?
  5. I wouldn't say they're "pins" exactly; more like bumps really and not bendable as far as I can tell. I put the CPU in correctly.

    That's the motherboard and the closest pins is the 8-pin to the top left and that's maybe a 1-2 inch space between the CPU fan and the 8-pin.

    The tower has a fan control and I put the 4-pin connector from the PSU to the CHA_FAN1 set. The USB cord from the chassis is connected to the USB910 on the motherboard but I don't know if the USB one is correct.
  6. Alright! I've isolated the issue! But I still need some help. The issue is that when I connect the female 4-pin to the male 4-pin for the fan controller on the tower, the motherboard will not turn on at all. If I don't, then it will turn on and go straight to the BIOS.

    So now I need to know how I can fix this and get the chassis fans working with the fan controller. Should I just get some new fans and install those instead? Or should I try installing the OS first and then try reconnecting the cable from the PSU to the mobo for the fan controller?
  7. Actually, no; and I got it working again. XD I'm definitely on a learning curve!! So the female 4-pin just isn't supposed to be plugged into the motherboard on the CHA FAN1 male 4-pin. I just have to have the larger male and female 4-pins connected between the chassis and PSU.

    Now I'm just not getting any kind of video on the monitor - not even the BIOS - but I'm assuming that's cause I didn't press the key to go to it and that I'm now good to install the OS?

    And, no getochkn, that's no longer the issue. I had absolutely no bent pins. I just had something plugged in where it wasn't supposed to be.
  8. you should be able to see the bios start up and when it finds no bootable harddrive it will tell you on the screen. if you see nothing at all, no bios screen, nothing, that's another issue.
  9. Gotcha and I've figured out that it's the graphics card. If I plug it in, the BIOS doesn't come up. If I don't, the BIOS does come up. So what do I need to do now?
  10. are you plugging the monitor into the motherboard with the video card in? you need to plug into the video card if you have the video card in.
  11. The graphics card is plugged into the motherboard. The first time I connected the monitor to the graphics card just didn't register I guess but now it's working! :D I unplugged the cable from the graphics card port and replugged it in.
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