Looking for a decent laptop to play games on the GO

Hi, im currently going to college and im always on the go, i know laptops arent gaming machines and i know they will never reach the capabilities of a desktop(which im already planning to order) but a laptop will come in handy so much in between school all day and work all night

My budget is between 800-1200$ i prefer to keep it on the lower side of my budget but any suggestions are welcome

I plan on playing LoL and probably some light BF4(among other games in that type graphics eg crysis3 and metro last light) on at least medium/high settings if possible.

Also something extra is i might have to stream LoL while on the go, the game itself isnt taxing and my 3 yr old laptop already runs it like a champ, but im not sure it could handle streaming it too.(if you know anything about streaming your knowledge would be appreciated)

As always thank you for any ideas, knowledge, or wisdom you can offer :D
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    Alienware 14 is good and since its lol then the backlight on it will be amazing. speaker quality is very good and extremely loud. specs you can get a gt 750m and an i7 4700mq with a fhd display and 8 gb of ram, or get a lenevo y510p not very fancy but very good specs you get gt750m in sli 16 gb of ram and a fhd display. speakers and display aren't as good as the one on the alienware. but your going to get better framerates on the games that support sli. also on the lenevo you have the option to buy another gt750m and use sli on it (btw it has no disc reader you have to buy one and add to the hyper bay (graphics card goes in there too) so you can have sli or a disc reader and one gt 750m

    Ill go for the alienware because of the loud speakers but both are very good and can handle everything you said (my opinion) but the lenevo offers way better specs for a lower price but I would advice you to get one of those cooling pads for the lenevo. if your willing to spend more go for the alienware because you can upgrade to a gtx 765m.

  2. ive never been fond of alienware because of a personal bias(i think theyre overpriced) but i also didnt know about the speakers and backlight in the alienware or the lenovos expandability options. after a bit of thought Ive decided on the lenovo seeing as its on sale right now and i can get the higher spec'd one for the same price as the cheapest alienware, thanks for the help :D it was really informative and greatly appreciated!
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