Win7 64 bit installation take too much time.

Hello everybody, I'm doing a clean installation on my system with 64 bit os using bootable FD. But I always got stuck at expanding windows file 83%.

My specs:
Ga h87m d3h
i5 4440 haswell
4gx2 gskills ripjaw 1600mhz
Sapphire hd 7770 ghz ed
Wd black 1tb
Seasonic 520w

I've visited numeruos forums to find some solution, but nothing works. I also left it for about 3 hours but nothing changed.

I tried taking 1 of my ram stick and disabling my onboard audio controller. I can't find floppy disk on bios so I can disable it. Btw, I'm using F6 UEFI Dual Bios and I don't have floppy disk installed. I read that even I don'T have floppy disk I can still disable it.

Any sugestion? Thank you verymuch in advance.
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  1. Perhaps your Windows image is corrupted.

    1) Run MEMTEST for a full pass to verify no memory issues

    2) What do you mean by "bootable FD"? Is Windows on a USB thumb drive that was properly prepared?

    3) Is getting a DVD drive out of the question?

    I suspect that it's either a corrupt image, or that the System RAM has errors.
  2. Hmmm, i used this same copy to install 32 bit win 7 sp1 before with no prob.

    1. As of now I'm doing memtest , i think 4-5hrs per ram stick is enough? Or do i have to do it overnight.
    But i did windows memory diagnostic before and no errors or problems.

    2. I mean bootable flash drive. Sorry about that. I use windows dvd/usb tool from microsoft's website.

    3. I got a dvd drive in my system, but i prefer using flashdrive coz it's much faster.

    I read that some takes 2-20 hours to install win7 64 bit. That's way to long.

    By the way my hardwares are pretty new, 1 month old.
  3. A modern system should take under an hour though I haven't timed it.

    *I suggest you try the DVD Install now.
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    I'm not sure where you were reading the installation times, as they are way off... I've installed Windows 7 64-bit on numerous physical and virtual computers and it very rarely takes more than 30-45 mins to do a clean installation.
    Now, you stated that you have installed the 32-bit edition of that same flash drive, that just means that the 32-bit image in the wim file is functional, but there may still be an error or corruption in the 64-bit version, I would suggest re-imaging the wim file and only put the 64-bit edition in this time and try again. Or as suggested by others, just use the DVD, contrary to popular belief, the installation time isn't that much faster from a flash drive, might add an addition 5-10 mins using the DVD.
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