Unable to install an Operating System after nasty virus and reformat

So I my desktop was infected with a nasty little boot sector or bios virus. After many failed attempts to restore Windows or clean it from my system, I had tried to reformat the drive to start fresh and was unable to by traditional methods, Kaspersky Disk Clean Boot Disc also failed, Winboot Boot Disc finally worked. So I wiped the entire partition, which consisted of the entire drive, then re-partitioned into 3 seperate partitions, 1 for the OS, Backup, and then Media Storage, then I wiped each partition again to be safe. I attempted to install Windows 8.1 x64 unsuccessfully, with the PC simple going blank after a brief flash of the Windows logo when trying to boot the install cd. After a bit of research I discovered that I may be having issues due to the 64 bit os, so I made a 32 bit dvd and tried again. This time I would get the circling dots below the logo, then the same blank screen. I decided to go back to Windows 7 SP1 x64 since I know that that worked before.
Windows 7 looked like it was going to work and I made it through the install until the point that it needs to reboot, I let it reboot with the disc left in and it just wants to start the process over again, so I removed the the disc re-boot, and I think it says starting setup services with the windows logo like its about to finish the install then it reboots again but this time I get the widows failed to start: safe mode screen.
If I click "start windows normally" the logo appears with the starting setup services statement and after a bit it reboots.
If I click safe mode, a bunch of command lines appear and after a while errors with a startup repair message.
If I boot from the install disc and select start up repair, its told me that it is unable to repair startup and that a recent hardware change may be to blame(2 different messages from 2 different attempts, no hardware was changed).
This hdd was brand new about a month ago (WD 2TB Caviar Green) and I had no issues at all when loading Win 7 on it initially. All copies of WIndows were iso files provided by Microsoft and downloaded through Dreamspark then burned to a DVD, and I have valid keys, although I haven't reached a point where it asks me to enter one.
It seems as though I may still have some bit of virus that has managed to survive still living somewhere in my PC, is this possible? What am I supposed to try next?
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  1. If it is indeed a "Bios Virus" the only thing you can do is to flash your BIOS, wipe your disk and try to reinstall from there. Try first to reset your CMOS by using the CMOS jumper pins (or CMOS reset button) on the motherboard. If that does not work, we will talk about flashing your BIOS, which is risky and can brick your computer if done incorrectly. In the mean time post ALL of your system information here. Make/Model or components if it's a custo build,version of Windows etc... PM my profile if you need any additional help, I'm not on the forums every day, but I will get an email alert for PM's.

    Additionally damaged RAM can also cause these problems. Go to Memtest.org and follow the instructions to make a bootable Memtest (or use your Windows disk's memory test). Run it for several hours, if it detects ANY problems, then it is your RAM which needs to be replaced.
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