Graphic drivers for AMD? ( The Beta or the catalyst suit?)

Which one to download? , Or should i download both?

This link has the beta and suite .

(Sorry i am little noob in drivers thing )
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  1. get them both.
  2. are you using a laptop or a desktop?
    and what gpu are you using?
  3. I am going to use a 280x , I'll be getting it from my local market in about 4-5 hours.

    Using a desktop.
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    do not download the beta driver just yet. the suite has the driver you need.betas are just what they are,and are not always stable.stick to the latest stable driver which is the first one.
  5. you can get both (but don't), but the Catalyst "suite" is the one you'll need.
  6. So the suite one is the right one , Thank you people.
  7. no problem.
  8. as others are saying, beta might have issues, i say get the beta one and if you ran into some issues get the catalyst suite because i am using the beta and i haven't ran into a single issue but i am using a different gpu
    usually i would have recommended the catalyst suite but this beta driver contains mantle which is compatible with your gpu
  9. the thing with beta is i doubt you can see any difference between that and the latest stable drivers.
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