screen flicker when gaming

hi, i have radeon hd7790 and AOC 2070SWN (VGA Only)

so since my monitor didnt have a DVI cable, i connected my monitor using DVI to VGA Converter.

and i have screen flickering issue here, weirdly that issue only happened when i play a game, if i use my pc in desktop mode or watching video there's no screen flickering.

mostly the flickering can be seen on dark screen when gaming.

what's wrong with this? pls help :(
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  1. this might be an old driver issue, as most new games require newest drivers to run smoothly
    i say download this driver, it might help
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    It would be best to get a dvi cable. My display was also like that while I was using a dvi to vga converter and it does it all the time even when I am using if for web browsing or accessing my storage files. When I used a dvi cable, viola. It was clear and smooth.
    Hope that helps
  3. @3mran all driver up to date :)

    @ahmeday2012, so sad then, i just buy a monitor that have VGA only input. I guess i should bear with it, until get a new monitor.

    and just now, i tried to my old computer that only have VGA slot in it's GPU card. and it seem no flickering detected :(

    is there no other solution?
  4. As far as I know getting a new monitor with dvi input would be the best solution. My monitor has dvi and vga port so that is how it worked out for me.
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