Photoshop, 3D, Gaming PC $1500 (Japan)

So I have been using my 4 year old dell 1558 laptop as my main computer since I moved to Japan and although it has yet to go bust, it is quite slow and I feel I should upgrade to a desktop as I am starting to move more into digital painting and modelling which doesn't hold up so well on my laptop. I rarely game anymore, but I would still like to have the option to play occasionally, however that will not be my main use of the pc.

I have never built a pc before, however it seems like I could (maybe) do it with a bit more research. I have checked out a lot of other build and a few constants seem to be that I should get an i7 (for photoshop) a graphics card such as the gtx760 and I feel that 16gb and an ssd would be an advantage too.

Unfortunately, as I live in Japan some pre-build machines can be much more expensive than those in the US, however websites like Dospara and G-tune have some good builds, but they don't tick all the boxes and are most likely overpriced :(

Approximate Purchase Date: Before April

Budget Range: $1000-1500

System Usage from Most to Least Important:

Photoshop, 3D modelling, movies, gaming

Location: Japan, Shikoku

Overclocking: Not unless it's needed

SLI or Crossfire: No idea
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  2. Awesome, thank you :) For the graphics card I would probably need to get a 760 as the 780's here are a couple hundred more than that price. Also amazon jp doesnt stock the PNY memory, however it should be fine to get any brand that is 1600 right?
  3. Yeah. Just get the cheapest 1600mhz and cl9 you can find. I recommend you try to find a r9 280x instead of the 760. You can import a gtx 780 though. The youtube channel "techyescity" includes a man living in japan, who bought a gtx 780 lightning from the US and then got it imported. I am sure it would be no problem :)
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