What PCI express slot fan should i buy to cool my Asus GTX 780 cards?

Hello, i have 2 Asus GTX 780 Direct CU2 OC edition cards in SLI that are running a little hot and causing heat to get into the southbridge on my Asrock Z77 Extreme11 motherboard. This in turn is causing the fan in there to spin at over 6k rpm, creating an absolute ruckus. My goal is to get my gpu temps down, thereby reducing the amount of heat buildup in my southbridge and hopefully solving my noise problem. I came across some PCI express fans that are ideal for cooling GPU's, but i am not sure which to go with. From my understanding, since these cards do not have the stock blowers, the fans they come with tend to expel hot air away from the card as opposed to the blower style reference cards that take in air from outside and expel the hot air out the back of the case.

In that case, positioning a blower style PCI express fan such as http://www.amazon.com/Antec-Cyclone-Blower-Expansion-Cooling/dp/B000051299/ref=pd_cp_pc_0 directly below my graphics card should get the job done for me right? Or should i go in for something like http://www.amazon.com/Vantec-SP-FC70-BL-Spectrum-System-Adjustable/dp/B000233ZMU/ref=pd_sim_e_2 which i gather blows air into the card? I would assume not as one set of fans is pushing air out the card and directly below that the fans will be pushing that same air back in.

Any recommendations as to which one to purchase would be helpful, but please keep in mind ideally i want to achieve as much silence as attainable. Thanks!
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  1. Anyone? :(
  2. The first would be what you want. You want to blow the air out not around.
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