Blue Screen: STOP 0xC000021A {Fatal System Error} on booting

Hello eveyone i am sorry for my bad english
So today my PC is very lag and i am trying to log off and log on, but when log off my PC got freezing black screen and i doing force restart, after windows booting, there's BSOD appear with code 0xC000021A {Fatal System Error} 0xc000034 0x00100470, this problem happening before and i successfully fix this by doing system restore point, but right now i forgot to create Restore Point and safe mode doesnt work, i keep getting BSOD.. So please help me fix this problem without uninstaling my windows
I use windows 7 32 bit
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  1. first thing i would do is check for dust inside the system and make sure all connections are secure, next try and boot into the bios, if you can stay on the bios then it is a software or OS problem and you may need to reinstall windows, a good think to try would be to burn ubuntu onto a disk and boot form it, see if that doesnt crash
  2. I've already clean all dust and i can stay in bios and also in windows repair..
    Is there a way to reinstal windows without lost any data from system C? Because i've lot important data there..
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    The in memory copy of a critical windows file has been corrupted. This is often due to malware infections. You will need to boot your machine off another boot device and attempt to repair your system and run a scan using malwarebytes to look for infections. There are certain hardware issues that can also cause this but start by doing the repair and scan and go from there.
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