Crucial Ballistix Tactical 1866mhz 2x4GB defaulting to 1333mhz - how to I change?

Hi all,

Unfortunately my M5a97 EVO r2.0 mobo will only recognise this memory setup at 1333mhz. I have upgraded to the latest ASUS BIOS (2201) but that hasn't resolved the problem.

Would the solution be to manually change it in the BIOS? I would know how to do that, but I am a complete beginner when it comes to voltages/timings.
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    In the BIOS, you have to change your memory setting from 'auto' to 'XMP'.
  2. Thanks, that did the trick!

    There was no simple 'change to XMP setting' though. For those wondering how to do this on the ASUS BIOS, I found this:

    "1. Set「Ai Tweaker」-->「Ai Overclock Tuner」to 「D.O.C.P.」
    2. Set「Ai Tweaker」--> 「DRAM O.C. Profile」to 「Profile#1 or Profile#2」,and then press F10 t0 save and exit. "

    In my case there was a Profile#0 that I used.
  3. Glad to hear you got it working. That setting is always somewhere in the BIOS on most capable motherboards whether it's called XMP or DOCP.
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