Lenovo Y510p or Asus N56JR-MH71

I'm an architecture student. I'm going to be using autocad and revit. Don't know that much about computers but which one's a better laptop? I'm leaning towards the y510p for the specs.




Or do you guys suggest something else around $1200.

I'm mainly going to use this at home, so not that worried about battery life. I also won't be gaming.

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  1. Well I spent about 20 minutes researching this for you - Ideally you want an I7 quad core for processing - I'm going to assume as an architecture student you're going to be doing "medium to large" projects so around 8-16GB and quite frankly quadro graphics at student level can suck a railroad spike. and you've got a budget of $1200 and needed about 1TB of memory
    that lenovo will do you perfectly fine - it may get a little hot though. and at some point you might want to put a bit more ram in it
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