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I am looking into building my first gaming pc and I wanted to know all of my options so I wanted to know what an AMD equivalent gpu to the nvidia gtx 760 or if I should just stick to the nvidia
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  1. I think the 270X is the closest competition that AMD has at that price point, but I think it is a little slower. The old AMD 7870 might be closer. The 280X is supposed to compete with the 770.
  2. Stick to the Nvidia, the R9 270x is slower and the same price.
  3. Stick with Nvidia, the closest performer to the 760 is a 7950, which cant be bought at $250 anymore.
  4. R9 270x in AMD optimized games, R9 280x in Nvidia optimized games. Roughly that is. But really, just look at benchmarks and see for yourself.
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    The 7950 is the equivalent. Amd did not rebrand it so no GPU in the r9 series is equal to the 760. The 760 is about 15% more powerful at stock speeds than a r9 270x and about 15% slower than a 280x.
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