Factory reset of Acer Aspire refusing to work.

So I have been having a hard time with my Acer Aspire 5755-6482 laptop. About two weeks ago it just stopped working. After I finally got it into safe mode and backed up all of my files, I factory reset it. Three days ago it started doing some more crazier thing and I am trying to facorty reset it today. Well after doing so, iwas prompted that Windows would not install and that I needed to restart the reinstall but when I tried to get back to the system repair menu it was gone. Now I am stuck on a screen that says:
Edit Boot Options
Edit Windows boot options for: Windows 7
Path: \Windows\system32\winload.exe
Partition: 3
Hard Disk: bc1551ab

Honestly I would love to fix this problem as fast as possible. But honestly I have no clue how. My ex husband was an IT and I have a sneaking suspicion that he changed alot of my default. Don't even know I have a partition number of 3.
Can anyone help me?
I really dont want to buy a new laptop. But I'm willing to upgrade my OS if it'll stop this from happening. Also since this is a laptop, I was not given any windows dvds so I only have the partition.
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    Ok first off if you have a copy of windows i suggest trying to format you hard drive (that deletes everything on the disk) and install windows again.
    BUT FIRST, make sure to go to the acer webpage and get all drivers for your laptop and save them on a USB FLASH or on a cd, anything really. You will need them later.
    This is really easy to do just follow these steps:
    1) Get your copy of windows into the dvd tray.
    2) Reboot your machine. Just as it reboots press and hold the delete button OR if possible check if there is any tip on the screen telling you which key to press to access SETUP or BIOS.
    3) Once you are there you need to scroll to the BOOT tab on top of your screen usally.
    4) You will see a device priority boot up list. You need to place on the 1st slot the dvd rom. It will usually have the model and brand of your tray.
    5) Then just save and exit the bios/ setup. There should be a tip to press F10 to save and exit OR on the last tab of your setup there should be an save and exit option.
    6) Once you do that the PC will REBOOT and you will see the text "Press any key to start from CD" DO SO! press a key
    7)Let windows load
    8) Once you are on the main menu of the windows setup select install windows and later select custom(advanced)
    9) Once you are there select one by one (if many) the partitions listed and click drive options and format.
    10) Once you formated every partition select the greater one.. the one with the most GBs and click install or next on the window.
    11) Continue forward with the installation , its pretty simple. It will reboot some times maybee 2 or so and finally the windows welcome screen will pop up.
    12) Finally once you are on windows insert your laptop drivers that i told you to save and install one by one. You might be asked to restart the machine a few times.
    13) YOU ARE DONE!
    Hope this helped you out :)
  2. OH and no need to upgrade to windows 8 . I myself dont like it and also your laptop may not have the drivers to support windows 8. It might even be a bad move.
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