How to Flash BIOS with CD-R

Hey guys and gals,

I want to overclock my system (CPU focused). My BIOS is locked from Gateway, and must attempt a BIOS offered from a reputable source on ( I'm not looking to set records or anything, but to make my gaming experiences more enjoyable, and I'm currently bottlenecked at CPU performance. If curious, I am using the Intel i7 920 stepping c0, on the TBGM01 motherboard... aftermarket cooling solutions for the Northbridge chipset, CPU, case, and fans are installed.

I've never updated BIOS outside of Windows (7) before. Can someone please explain, step-by-step, how to (with CD-R):

Backup a BIOS (using Universal BIOS Backup Toolkit)

Update a BIOS (I have and used ImgBurn to burn .iso image of MemTest86 on a CD-R before successfully)

If you've any other precautions to offer, do feel free to contribute.

Thanks :)
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