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Hello. So, as my first time upgrading the Dell Inspiron 660s desktop that I have, I decided to place PCI-Express Graphics card in for better video quality and some gaming. Because I have a mini tower and limited space, I bought the Galaxy Geforce GT610 2GB. After I disabled the current Integrated Intel HD Graphics, I turned off the PC, placed the graphics card with the low profile brackets, plugged in the VGA cable on the new graphics card, and turned the PC on. When I turned it on, my peripherals lit up and the fan on the graphics card began spinning, so it was getting power. But, there was no display. What issues do I have?
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  1. did you set her as first video device in the bios and you could leave the onboard enable since they are sometimes cut off when you had a pci-e card on the motherboard .you also have to plug the monitor to her for video signal .
  2. Yes. I plugged the monitor VGA cable to the graphics card.
  3. the bios is set to her also does she need any power cable from the psu ?
  4. My power supply is only 220W, and because it's a low profile, pretty small graphics card, it doesn't need a power cable from the psu. However, the website says it requires 300W. How do you set the bios?
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    in the bios under gpu set her as pci-e first it could also be a issue with this low power psu ,that is the gpu they suggest for the upgrade on this system .
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